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Easy solution to dispose of Freight and Shipping Containers: 10ft, 20ft,40ft Call: 07-32745993 or 0488408416

Easy solution to dispose of freight and shipping containers: 10ft, 20ft,40ft, Call: Mobile: 0488408416 or 07-32745993 during business hours | Highcube shipping Containers | Dangerous goods shipping containers | "Reefer" Refrigerated shipping containers | Modified shipping containers | Open Top shipping Containers | Dual Car shipping Containers | Collapseable shipping Containers | Bulk oil shipping Containers | Fibreglass shipping Containers | Damaged shipping Containers | Fire Damaged shipping containers | Dangerous goods shipping containers.

For disposal costs: Email or phone so we can help you dispose of freight and shipping containers: 10ft, 20ft,40ft

:: Remove unwanted or dispose of freight and Shipping Containers

> Below are some of the types of shipping containers we have picked up in the past.

> Highcube Containers
> Dangerous goods containers
> Reefer" Refrigerated containers
> Modified containers
> Open Top Container
> Dual Car Container
> Collapseable Container
> Bulk oil Containers
> Fibreglass Containers
> Damaged Containers
> Fire Damaged Containers
> Removal of damaged freight inside the container and then disposal of Container

Disposal of Freight and Container that has not been accepted or claimed

> Disposal of Freight and Container that has not been accepted or claimed by the consignee or is undeliverable due to error or omission on the part of the shipper, consignee, or owner or for which no disposition instructions have been provided within the standard time period allowable of its arrival and usually considered unclaimed/ abandoned. Email us so we can quote you to dispose of unwanted shipping containers

September 2014: Recent Images of disposal of Burnt 20ft reefer shipping container and contents

20ft Reefer ( Refrigerated ) Front, inside
20ft Reefer ( Refrigerated ) Right side wall, Smoke damaged
20ft Reefer ( Refrigerated ) Left side wall, burnt out
20ft Reefer ( Refrigerated ) damaged Left hand side outer


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New or used overstock equipment
Surplus equipment
Obsolete equipment
Unwanted equipment
Out of warranty equipment
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Freight and Shipping Container Disposal
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